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The Glaisdale is a large Town and Country multi-fuel stove, with a 10kW output.  As with all the Town and Country stoves, the Glaisdale is solidly constructed, with a cast iron single door and a good sized glass area ensuring there is no interruption to the wonderful view of the fire, the flame picture is mesmerising.  The design is simple, without a lot of unnecessary tubes welded into the stoves, and the combustion and fuel efficiency are excellent. The flat top makes an ideal spot for a kettle or casserole, but canopies are also available if required.




  • 10kW output
  • Multifuel
  • British Made
  • 77.2% Efficient on Wood
  • 78.9% Efficient on Solid Fuel
  • 6” Diameter Flue
  • Max. Log Length 500mm
  • Brass or St/Steel Fittings
  • Weight 116kg