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Godin Anglesy 5Kw ONLY £745.00 INC VAT

The Anglesey Mini 5Kw has been designed with modern properties and smaller rooms in mind. With its big window, but small output and clean design, it invites you in to see the flames dancing inside the stove. For modern properties you could connect the combustion air direct to the back of the stove, meaning you can maintain the thermal values within the property, without the need for additional ventilation in the space.
As a designated wood burning appliance, all the air patterns are balanced to give the best possible combustion, meaning low fuel consumption, whilst maintaining the view of the flames.




  • H 60cm x W 48cm x D 40.5cm
  • Output 5kw
  • Efficiency 75%
  • Wood burning stove (dry)
  • Weight 92kg
  • Can take a 33cm logs front loading
  • Flue 153mm Top or Rear
  • Adjustble leg
  • Cast iron construction
  • Direct air compatible