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E929 M

Piazzetta Stoves |        Piazzetta E 929 M Wood Burning Stove



Multifuoco System Plus
Optional forced ventilation kit with four electronic controlled power levels and LCD remote control.
Warm air ducting up to 10 m ­­

Optional four speed forced ventilation kit with remote control.
Warm air ducting up to 10 m

Tertiary air system
Better performances. The preheated tertiary air system fully optimizes combustion and ensures high efficiency with low emission into the atmosphere.

Enamelled steel with door and grate in cast iron, firebox in Aluker®

Majolica cladding
Unique large hand-made pieces

Air Glass System
Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C

Easy Cleaning
Quick and easy maintenance, removable ash drawer

Humidifier with aroma diffuser

Heat Storage System



Nominal thermal efficiency % greater than 83
Rated heat output kW 7.5
Consumption at rated heat output Kg/h 1.8
Maximum heat output kW 9.0
Maximum consumption 2.0
Dimensions WxDxH cm 54.8x54.8x115cm




All dimensions in cm.