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Stove clad with hand-made majolica. A fine solution for heating medium-size spaces.



e912 blue e912 terra d


­­Natural heating distribution
Radiant, conduction and
natural convection heating
Heating with Multifuoco System
Optional four speed optional forced
ventilation kit with remote control.
Warm air ducting up to 10 m
Enamelled steel with door and grate
in cast iron, firebox in Aluker®
Combustion air kit
Optional system to optimize combustion
and stove efficiency, taking in fresh air
from outside the dwelling
Majolica cladding
Unique large hand-made pieces
Air Glass System
Self-cleaning ceramic glass
resistant up to 750°C
Easy Cleaning
Quick and easy maintenance,
removable ash drawer
Safety devices
Self closing door.
Steel handle with silicon sleeve


e912 colours


Room heating capacity (min-max) m3 135 - 230
Nominal thermal efficiency % 75,0
Rated heat output kW 8,0
Consumption at rated heat output Kg/h 2,7
Maximum heat output kW 10,0
Maximum consumption 3,5
Dimensions WxDxH cm 55 x 47 x 135

e912 sizes

All dimensions in cm.