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Contemporary elegance. The slender stove column clad in handcrafted ceramic exemplifi es an innovative design: On a base measuring only 37 cm in diameter, a striking panoramic window prominently accentuates the dance of the fl ames. With a thermal output of 2-5 kW, the Merida is specifically designed for modern homes with low heating requirements



Dimensions (H-W-D) 135 x 48 x 41 cm • Output 2-5 KW • Weight 136 / 144 kg


a) Height 135cm
b) Width 48cm
c) Depth 41.5cm
d) Flue pipe connection height 132
e) Connection height for rear installation (only ceramic variant) 122 cm
f) Distance from rear stove wall - flue pipe centre 18.5cm
g) External air supply connector height on the back/connection area below 10/Ø 24cm
h)Distance from rear stove wall - Connection area of external air supply below 6cm



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