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Mats is a fireplace which excels in simplicity. A particularly understated design with a very good combustion. a fireplace with lots of radiation heat, to enjoy for a long time.


Harrie Leenders Stoves |   Harrie Leenders Mats Wood Burning Stove


Harrie Leenders have proven that they can build special and advanced fireplaces. With Mats they return to a real fireplace. Back to simplicity. A clever combustion on the inside, a minimalist design on the outside. Mats removes your chills without frills.

A good combustion gets the most energy out of your wood. Mats burns clean and efficient. Like the Boxer Plus, Mats uses preheated air for better combustion. The side stones store heat to gradually release this into your room.

Available with Black or Anthracite body and three colour side stones ( Natural, Anthracite and Black, as shown below ).


mats sizes

Output 3 - 10kw