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Ysen is a monument dedicated to fire. A man-high fireplace made out of heavy sheet steel with a big heart of fire.


Harrie Leenders Stoves |   Harrie Leenders Ysen Wood Burning Stove


Ysen looks different from every perspective, it is a remarkable object. The lines of the Ysen have different directions so that the heavy exterior shows a light playfulness. At no point is it mundane or conventional.

Behind the thick steel plating a long and calm fire burns. Harrie Leenders have developed a completely new combustion chamber so that the fire is always the center. Because it is a fire to be proud of.

Iseren is the old Germanic word for iron. Add a regional accent from Brabant and you have Ysen. Everything about Ysen breathes iron, from the thick metal door to details like the air inlet and doorhandle, both milled from a solid piece of iron.

Ysen is available in three colour options:-

Black body and door.

Black body and Grey door.

Brown body and Black door.

ysen colours

Output range: 4-10 kW

Weight 306kg


ysen sizes