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Faltovn Outdoor Stove £547.00 inc vat

The Fältovn is the perfect travelling partner. It is easy to carry anywhere and provides warmth and comfort. Whether at a campsite or out in the wild, outdoors or in a tipi tent.


Harrie Leenders Stoves | Harrie Leenders Faltovn Outdoor Stove


If you're ever going to end up around a campfire with someone, it should be with Lars Fält. This man embodies the outdoors and has been working all his life to get people closer to nature. He has been our inspiration in building the Fältovn. Lars Fält has been training Swedish forces for years in survival techniques and has founded several survival schools.

Fältovn is a tribute to Lars Fält and to the outdoor life. It invites you to go adventuring, away from your smartphone and back to nature.
Fältovn provides more than just warmth alone. The extra thick top plate is made ​​for cooking.
Delivery excludes dishwasher.


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