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Studio 1 Freestanding Gas Fires

Offering a breathtaking view of the rolling flames, the Studio 1 Freestanding gas fire and the Studio 2 Freestanding gas fire shown incorporate the same high efficiency firebox technology as their Studio inset equivalents, as well as the wide range of Studio fuel bed and firebox lining options. These large format fires are available with a choice of smoothly curving bench or plinth mounting options, each echoing the fire’s distinctive design and are offered in either White or Black finishes. Both flames and heat output can be controlled using the Programmable Thermostatic handset, providing timer and thermostat functionality for ultimate convenience.



Key Facts

Brand Gazco
Fuel Beds Logs, White Stones, Glass Beads - Red, Clear or Black (White stone upgrade)
Front Black & White
Linings Black Glass (Log effect), Vermiculite (Log effect), Black Reeded (Log effect) & Black Enamel (White Stones or Glass Beads)
Command controls   Programmable Thermostatic Remote
Heat Output BF: 4.85kW & CF: 5.20KW
Efficiency BF: 70% & CF: 81%



Studio 1 Freestanding Gas Fires Information

  A B C D E F G H I J K
Conventional Flue   896   396   148   910    1150   43   130   324   442   130   650  
Balance flue 896 396 160 910 1150 65 130 324 442 130 850

All dimensions in mm.

Studio 1 Freestanding Gas Fires Dimensions