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Riva Vision Large Gas Stoves

The Gazco Gas Riva™ Vision Large offers a greater heat output than its Small, Midi and Medium equivalents, providing a comforting warmth for larger rooms. There is a choice of either a realistic log or contemporary white stone fuel effect, with the option to customise your white stone fire with a choice of three glass bead sets. The log-effect models can be styled even further with a choice of the timeless black reeded, the elegant black glass or the lighter vermiculite linings. Whichever you choose, these high-efficiency, stunning flame effects are displayed to their full potential in this wide screen format, complemented by the sleek glass styling and ease of use from the programmable thermostatic remote control.



Key Facts

Brand Gazco
Nominal Heat Output 4.85 - 5.20kW
Gas Types Natural Gas
Lining options Black Glass (log effect)
Vermiculite (log effect)
Black Reeded (log effect)
Black Enamel (white stone or glass beads)
Fuel Effects Logs
White Stones
Red, Clear or Black Glass Beads
Efficiency Conventional Flue: 70%
Balanced Flue: 81%
Finish Choice Black Glass
Manual Control not available 
Command Controls Programmable Thermostatic remote control
Flame Viewing Area 646 x 320mm



Riva Vision Large Gas Stoves Information

Stove A B C D Weight Flue Diameter
Riva Vision Large Gas Conventional flue 876mm  588mm  390mm  140mm  74.5kg   Top 127mm (5")
Riva Vision Large Gas Balance flue 876mm 587mm 375mm 152mm 78.5kg Top 150mm (6")


Riva Vision Large Gas Stoves Dimensions