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Riva Vision Small Gas Stoves

he Gazco Riva Vision Small gas stove offers beautiful, contemporary aesthetics in a neat package – well suited to standard chimney openings thanks to its compact proportions. Providing a highly efficient heat output of up to 2.62kW, this cutting edge gas stove is available in either conventional or balanced flue versions for flexible installation options. The Riva Vision Small comes with manual controls as standard, but can be upgraded with remote control options including Programmable Thermostatic handset, allowing the stove to be preset to turn on at certain times or ambient temperatures.



Key Facts

Brand Gazco
Nominal Heat Output 2.40kW - 2.56kW
Gas Types Natural Gas
Fuel effect Logs
Efficiency Conventional Flue: 75%
Balanced Flue: 80%
Finish Choice Black Glass
Manual Control Standard
Remote Control Options         Standard upgradeable & Programmable Thermostatic upgradeable
Flame Viewing Area 254 x 240mm



Stove A B C D Weight Flue Diameter
Riva Vision Small Conventional Flue 370mm   529mm   289mm   97mm 33kg Top and Rear 127mm (5")
Riva Vision Small Balance Flue 370mm 529mm 289mm 97mm * 35kg Rear 150mm (6")

*Riva Vision Small Balanced Flue is rear flue exit only

Riva Vision Small Gas Stoves Dimensions