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Renovation / Relining

Most of the chimneys and flues in the UK are designed for open fires, this means they may not be thermally suitable for a closed appliance. Or the flueway may no longer be hermetically sound due to age or poor build.


When this happens the flue can be relined.

The standard product is manufactured from 316L grade stainless steel and is supplied with a ten year warranty. A superior 904L grade stainless steel option is also available, supplied with a twenty year warranty. The corrugated outer wall provides crush protection during installation. The inner wall is smooth to encourage the flow of flue gasses and to discourage the build-up of soot and other potentially corrosive residue. The inner and outer walls are joined by a Triple Lock Joint System, acknowledged to be the best available for strength and longevity.

We then pull this down the flue and back fill with insulation to help keep the gases warm so they can evacuate the flueway quickly.