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Promafour board




Provides both the installer and homeowner many benefits including:

  • Resists continuous high temperatures of up to 1000°C
  • Complies with Building Regulations Part J 
  • Easy construction with standard tools
  • Minimal expansion and contraction during and after heating, reducing risk of cracking 
  • Naturally smooth surface that can be easily decorated
  • Does not require plastering, negating need for wet trades
  • High thermal storage capacity helps heat distribution evenly within a room


Typical Installation


The requirements for the installation of heating appliances in buildings are covered by the Building Regulations in Approved Document J - Combustion appliances and Fuel Storage systems.

Within this document, Requirement J2 deals with the protection of building, and states that "Combustion appliances and fluepipes shall be so installed, and fireplaces and chimneys be so constructed and installed, as to reduce to a reasonable level the risk of people suffering burns or the building catching fire in consequence of their use."

Particular care is required to ensure that hot radiating surfaces are kept clear of combustible materials such as timber. Minimum distances are prescribed, and the use of non-combustible lining materials is indicated, and the guidance given must be followed at all times.

Please note that Promat have not performed any tests which allow the minimum distances from combustible material specified in Approved Document J to be reduced.