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How To Choose The Right Fireplace



Step 1: Take a couple of photographs of the room in which the fire is going to be installed, and of the outside of your house so we can see the top of the chimney down to the ground.

Step 2: Consider the purpose of your new fire. Are you planning to install a new fireplace as simply a focal point to your room or to generate maximum heat?

Step 3: Visit one of The Barns’ showroom to get some ideas. Consider the style of fire that you prefer and which will be best suited to your house and design tastes. Discuss your needs with our dedicated sales team.

Step 4: Narrow down your choice of fireplace or stove to perhaps one or two models.

Step 5: Arrange a site appraisal with a member of our team. We usually come out within two weeks. The cost of a visit to your property for an appraisal costs from £25 (fully refundable if work commences). If necessary, we will advise as to whether it is necessary for a smoke test to be carried out (this identifies any cracks in your chimney) and/or whether the chimney needs relining. For listed buildings, occasionally ‘Listed Building Consent’ needs to be obtained if an alteration to a chimney pot or chimney cowl needs to be carried out prior to installation.

Step 6: An estimate for your chosen product, labour costs and any additional work will be sent to you within a few days. Once agreed, a deposit must be paid.

Step 7: Work on your new fire or stove will usually be carried out within 4-6 weeks.